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Your Kid's mobility in the palm of your hands - delivering safety,reliability and timeliness in every ride.


We work with both public, private schools, to help them fulfill alternative transportation needs so that they can focus on their core business and achieve their full potential.

School Commute

For busy mornings when parents can’t drive their kids to school, our service offers a dependable alternative, ensuring children arrive at school safely and on time. We also cooperate with schools that want to provide a comprehensive service.

Extracurricular activities

Whether it’s sports practice or a music lesson, we provide timely transportation for children’s after-school activities, accommodating changing schedules and locations.

On demand services.

If a parent’s meeting runs late or an unexpected obligation arises, our service steps in to manage the child’s pickup and drop-off, ensuring no disruption in the child’s routine..


We assist parents in meeting their children's alternative transportation needs, providing reliable services and timely notifications. By entrusting us with transportation responsibilities, parents can focus on their core duties and empower their children to reach their full potential.


Administrator Dashboard

An administrator dashboard manages ride performance, routing, and vehicle location.

Seamlessly Safe Rides

Where advanced technology meets kid-friendly travel, delivering unmatched safety and ease for every family.

School transportation optimized

School transportation is optimized based on traffic, location and school schedules meaning kids spend less time on the road.


How it works

  1. Select your child’s journey with a few steps.
  2. Get instant confirmation and stay updated.
  3. Track the trip until they reach their destination safely.
  4. Parents receive instant notification for every pickup and drop off.

Why Work With Us

  • We deliver the peace of mind that comes from knowing where your kids are at any given time, and that they are getting the safest and most reliable rides possible. Our technology lets you see when the bus is coming, know your drivers, send feedback, and gets kids to school on time and stress free.

  • We manage all aspects of operations so the parent and school can focus on their core business, monitor vehicle health and driver performance, and optimize routes so that kids spend less time on the road.

  • Our technology and multi size vehicle approach help reduce cost and increase efficiency by optimizing routes resulting in reduced transit time. Thereby saving parents and schools money so they can invest more in education.

  • Sustainable transportation reduces traffic congestion, noise pollution and the kids enjoy cleaner and healthier air securing a better and healthier future for them.

  • The safety and security of every child is at the core of our business. All drivers are subject to comprehensive background checks and First-aid training. The vehicles are thoroughly Verified and insured.

Our Story


Back in 2017, the seed for Kids Transportation Service was planted. As new parents juggling demanding careers, we faced a common dilemma – ensuring our son's safe, reliable, and comfortable journey to school amidst our busy schedules. This challenge wasn't ours alone; it resonated with many colleagues and fellow parents.


In 2020, Kids Transportation Service came to life, fueled by our parental instincts and a commitment to safety and meticulousness. Our aim was not just to create a transportation service but to offer peace of mind for parents while offering delightful, secure travel experiences for children.



Our transport solutions are made for parents and children from any background so that we can serve as many kids as possible.


We are always on the move. We always deliver.


We continuously undergo rigorous checks to ensure that all our measures are tailored to be as transparent and secure as possible.


We know that your kids should feel good when driving to school so we help them have more fun on the road. Going to school should be exciting.


Our cargo is very fragile and precious; we handle them with care.


We are committed to sustainable transportation leveraging technology.


Gone are the days when you had to entrust your child's safety to a stranger when it comes to school transportation. We provide you with the information you need to know about your child's drivers, and our student profile feature allows your driver to be familiar with your kids. We prioritize safety by ensuring that our drivers go through a thorough vetting process in collaboration with national security standards. Additionally, we implement safe driving performance tracking measures to maintain high standards of driver conduct.


C'est nous qui te remercions pour le grand soulagement que vous avez apporté tout au long de cette année scolaire. Mme et mois n’avions jamais été en paix comme cette année car les chauffeurs sont super professionnels et ponctuels.

Mr. Moustapha A, Douala


The kids expressed their Gratitude for the excellent service and they are looking forward to next academic year.

Mrs. Laura M, Douala


Merci a vous pour la qualite du service. Michael est vraiment content et amis avec son chauffeur.RDV l’annee prochaine par la Grace de Dieu. Mme.

Hayati. B, Douala


We are so blessed by the quality of your services and your staff. The kids enjoyed every ride to school and we are looking forward to work with them again.

Mrs. Jamba D, Douala


Wow…. Thanks a lot, to the KTS team for your professionalism and care. Your service is quite commendable, and we look forward to working with you next year.

Mr. Julius C, Douala



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