Who we are

  • Kids Transportation Service (KTS) as the name clearly indicates is a premium transportation service customized to transport kids to and from school as well as other recreational activities etc. at a cost-effective rate.
  • We cater for the needs of parents and Schools and in terms of vehicles, we use Toyota Voxy and Noah branded cars among others for transportation. Our Head office is located on the 3rd floor,AZICCUL building ,Feu rouge Bessengue-Douala.
  • KTS aims to provide its customers with services and customer care, adhering to the highest levels of transportation quality standards, provide its customers with optimum satisfaction by consistently developing and introducing excellent services in a manner that contributes to the elevation of the transport sector in Cameroon.

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Help kids to be punctual in school and back home hence achieve their goals and realise their potential To help Parents overcome the challenges involved in transporting kids to school thereby having time to focus on their career and business.


To be the leading transportation service provider for kids in Cameroon.

Our History

Kids Transportation Service (KTS) is a startup founded by a couple entangled in the predicament of how they could advance their career while making sure their 2 kids had a safe ,reliable ,trustworthy transportation to school with all the care they needed which was hard to find.